Art the Economy and Survival – Open Forum tonight

Last week we announced January’s EBSQ LIVE and because we feel it is an important topic we wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the night. If you are wondering what to do to maximize your chances of getting through the tough economy, have come up with any strategies or just want to talk or listen, we hope that you will be at this evening’s LIVE!

Theodora Demetriades
Theodora Demetriades

Tonight will be an open forum gathering where all can participate. These are some rocky and scary times but they are survivable.  EBSQ LIVE will be in the EBSQ Chat Room at 9PM EST and is open to everyone. Please come and join us.

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One thought on “Art the Economy and Survival – Open Forum tonight

  1. Sounds like a valuable resource! I won’t be home to join in, but hope it is recorded. Artists are missing the boat if they don’t attend this discussion.
    Good things come from EBSQ, for example, it’s an affordable resource for making Certificates of Authenticity. But most of all, it is a supportive arts community.

    Carolyn Taylor

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