This Month’s EBSQ LIVE: Art, The Economy and Survival

This Month’s EBSQ LIVE:

Art, The Economy and Survival

Hosted by EBSQ Self Representing Artists
Monday, January 12th, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
EBSQ Chat Room

Kari Tirrell
Kari Tirrell

In this economy, everyone is cutting back and the first things to go are luxury items. For many, art is a luxury item. What actions are you taking to keep your art business solvent – or are you hunkering down and hoping to ride it out? Like those in other professions that provide “expendable” services, we need to adapt to survive. What can we learn from the salon owner and the restaurant owner? How do we as artists, convince people that art is necessary and worth a part of tight budgets?

Do you have questions to ask or information to pass on? This month’s LIVE is an opportunity to share and discuss how to get by and succeed in a world of tight purse strings.

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