2009 EBSQ Exhibition Schedule Announced

Here’s the post you’ve all be waiting for. And yes, Joe, thanks to your lobbying campaign, Zombie Chickens is on the schedule.

EBSQ’s 2009 Exhibit Schedule

(Synopses and hyperlinks to each show coming in January 2009)


  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Self-Portrait Show
  • One-Word Concept: Economy
  • Flower of the Month: State Flowers


  • The Figure in 3-D
  • Encircled: Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings
  • One-Word Concept: Hidden
  • Flower of the Month: Snow Drops


  • Steampunk
  • Squid (& Other Deep Sea Monsters)
  • One-Word Concept: Motion
  • Flower of the Month: Cyclamen


  • Robots
  • The EBSQ Junk Mail Show
  • One-Word Concept: Balance
  • Flower of the Month: Muscari


  • Reinterpreting Children’s Art
  • Bridges
  • One-Word Concept: Scintilating
  • Flower of the Month: Fennel


  • Macro Bug Photography
  • Tattoos: Designs for and Depictions of
  • One-Word Concept: Malice
  • Flower of the Month: Foxglove


  • 9th Annual Ripped Off
  • Parades
  • One-Word Concept: Liberty
  • Flower of the Month: Nasturtium


  • 8th Annual Pet Portrait Swap
  • In the Bag: Artist-Made Purses & Bags
  • One-Word Concept: Wanderlust
  • Flower of the Month: Weeds


  • Rodents
  • Design the next EBSQ T-shirt!
  • One-Word Concept: Deconstructed
  • Flower of the Month: Butterfly Bush


  • Think Pink: A Fundraiser to Benefit Susan G Komen
  • Zombie Chickens
  • One-Word Concept: Decay
  • Flower of the Month: Squash & Gourds (both flowers & fruit eligible)


  • 9th Annual Portrait Swap
  • Two-Tones Only
  • One-Word Concept: Bored
  • Flower of the Month: Bark


  • Annual Better Late Than Never Show
  • The Art of the Art Journal
  • One-Word Concept: Ancient
  • Flower of the Month: Eucalyptus

You’ll find this schedule in the sidebar at the top of the main EBSQ Shows page. Go forth and art!


6 thoughts on “2009 EBSQ Exhibition Schedule Announced

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I’m excited you have Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk!
    yay! There’s something here that I am already inspired
    for each month..some months two shows! It should be a
    fun year!

  2. It’s been great to see the reaction to this schedule all over the internet today. We’re glad we seem to have found something for everyone, including that special niche of Zombie Chicken fans. Who says EBSQ isn’t inclusive? 😉

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