Feeling incredibly loved today

This just in on the EBSQ Forums from EBSQ artist Amanda Makepeace:

We now have our own Facebook Page! 

EBSQ Artists – Become a Fan

If you use Facebook click on the link above and click on ‘Become a Fan’. Then click on the ‘Share’ button to send a message to your friends on Facebook and they too can ‘Become a Fan’.

We have the EBSQ Art Meets Blog Feed running, and Notes that will update daily with the AOTD. Our Events show the latest EBSQ Shows and we have a small box on our Featured Artist of the Month.

EBSQ Artist should feel free to add their own Events and Photos.   I’ve already created an Album for myself and uploaded 5 pics to represent me. Photos of Exhibitions are good to!

And (Hint Hint) I am looking for 1 or 2 people to be ‘Admins’ of the page. Just to help out incase I’m away, lose internet, etc. The only things that have to be updated are the Events and the Featured Artist – and that’s only once a month. Everything else is automated.

Thanks, Amanda! You’re a rock star!  And if you’d like to help her out as an admin, here’s a link to the original thread.


2 thoughts on “Feeling incredibly loved today

  1. Amanda is a ROCK STAR!! So are Kris Jean and Heide Hibbard for their recent monumental efforts. There is just so much groovy EBSQ love about…makes me all warm and fuzzy. ;-D

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