October 2008: The Silent Majority

Yesterday, I attended a webinar that addressed best practices for community moderators. Since I’ve been doing community moderation for just under 8 years, so I was curious to see how EBSQ’s style of community management compared. Overall, I’d say pretty darn good. The community of regulars on the EBSQ Forums is pretty-darned harmonious. There are a lot of great topics and conversations going at any one time. We also do our very best to get to all of your questions/comments quickly, and as fast as we are, very often one of our veteran members will beat us to the punch and shower you with all kinds of help and advice. Many of our members cite “community” as their main attraction to EBSQ. And yet…the larger percentage of you here has never visted the forum, let alone participated. And we’d like to understand what we can do to better serve your needs.

If you’ve never been to the forums, we’d love to see you there. Stop in. Say hello! Or simply come soak up the knowledge vicariously. If you’re among those who used to go to the forums regularly, or even occassionaly, but you haven’t been in a while, we’d love to see you again!

Regardless of how active you are with the community, we are truly happy to have you here. Let us know how we can do better. (And if we’re doing great, we’d love to hear that, too!)

Amie Gillingham
1 October 2008
Get out of the vacuum and express yourself!


2 thoughts on “October 2008: The Silent Majority

  1. I joined EBSQ because of the shows and the portfolio hosting. I had no idea the forums were such a rich resource and lively community.
    I have made many real friends among the artists here, and I know those friendships will last a lifetime. The forums have become an integral part of my life. This is important for anyone who is isolated in any way. The connection to other artists, the sharing of ideas and techniques, the critiquing of each other’s work (if desired), the heartfelt support in times of personal trouble are all invaluable.
    Any member who doesn’t participate in forum life is missing out on a lot.
    And yes, Amie, you are doing well. Here’s to the next 8 years, and more. 🙂

  2. Some of us are just too shy and introverted for our own good, Amie. Computers aren’t exactly the warmest creatures in the world, and when the community is a virtual one where nobody drops by your house with an apple pie and an invite, it’s probably hard for a lot of newbies to go venturing out there all by their lonesome.
    That said, I’ll get my butt right out there.
    Monica Faith
    P.S. I think you’re doing a bang-up job with this site. Most everything is user-friendly, and what stumps me I get quick answers on. Kudos.

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