Artist Guide: Ask and You Shall Recieve, Know What You Want


One of the biggest and nagging misconceptions that artists have in their mind is that when it comes to opportunities, business offers/deals, or sales – they come to you. So for months, years, or decades you will be sittin at your chair wondering why that fine arts degree, those years of hard work, or having a website isn’t getting any biters.

You have to approach these goals and people yourself. And it’s only a matter of knowing how.

Asking for what you want means:

– approaching potential partners, publishers, customers with your work/ideas.

– looking for opportunities or making them.

– researching ways to promote your art.

– contacting the galleries, websites, companies that you WANT to work with.

Alot of us just assume indefinitely, maybe unconciously that if we ask for something, we will get an obvious and expected NO or NOT INTERESTED.

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