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How to Study as a Creative Artist

Anthony Jones shares how to study art effectively, to become a better artist.

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EBSQ Friday Five: Youtube for Artists

This week’s Friday Five is a collection of just a handful the amazing Youtube Channels to be had for artists.

1. New Masters Academy – Their Daily Life Drawing sessions are what I love most about this channel. Don’t have the time or means to sit in on a life drawing session?  They have both nude and non-nude, timed sessions!

2. Will Terry – Looking for tips and advice on becoming a children’s book illustrator? Will Terry supplies this and much, much more.

3. ImagineFX – Digital Artists and Fantasy Artists will love the invaluable resources from one of the best magazines in the industry.

4. Blick Art Materials – Did you know Blick has been around since 1911? Their Youtube channel offers more than just product reviews. Take look!

5. Strathmore Artist Papers – There are a wealth of tutorials to be found in this channel, even entire workshops!

I’ll highlight more of my favorite channels next month. Do you have a go-to Youtube channel for art learning and inspiration?

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Incredible Tabby Cat Scratch Board Speed Drawing

Cat lovers are going to adore this and the rest of you will be amazed too!

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Inspiration: Airship Armada

In need of some inspiration for this month’s Airship exhibit? Take a look at this time-lapse video by Ginger Anne London, as she creates an armada of airships.

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How To Create Interesting Abstract Trees

If you’re looking for some inspiration for this month’s Naked Trees exhibit, take a look at this wonderful video from Jerry’s Artarama and Tom Jones.

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Murtha Ranch Time Lapse Watercolor

After sharing a few oil painting time lapse videos I thought it was time for a beautiful watercolor. The artist is Dawn Carlton.

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4 Artists – 1 Model

Jeff Watts of the Watts Atelier is another Youtube channel to bookmark. Their Friday Night Workshop videos are an incredible resource and free to watch. This video is one of their shorter pieces, a fun holiday tradition of four instructors all working on the same painting.

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Tutorial: Sketching with a Brush Pen

Sketching with a Brush Pen is one of many great free tutorials on YouTube by Scott Robertson. I’ll be sharing more tutorials from other artists on YouTube every Tuesday.


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Artseen: Be Mine

[View more Valentine Art at EBSQ]

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EBSQ Tips for Awesome Art Blogs

Have you run out of ideas for your next blog post? EBSQ Tips for Awesome Art Blogs will feature some of the more creative posts our artists are taking advantage of to spice up their blogs.

Today’s Tip: Videos

Whether you like them or not, videos are a popular way to share knowledge and entertainment on the web. More and more artists are cashing in on this growing fad, with how-to videos and time-lapse videos of their painting process. Videos can also be a great way to drive more traffic to your blog and through Youtube, introduce many more new potential buyers and fans to your art. Today’s video example is from EBSQ artist Melia Newman.

You can see how she incorporated this video into her blog post here.

What does it take?

You don’t need to buy top of the line, expensive equipment to begin recording in your studio. In fact, you may already have everything you need at your fingertips. Melia Newman made the above video using her web cam. Many new laptops are sold with web cam’s pre-installed. Then all you need is something like Windows Movie Maker (free) or Apple iMovie (free) for Mac users. Most any video editing software includes a simple upload to Youtube. Once on Youtube you can easily embed the video on your blog or website!

Rules of thumb:

1. Keep your video under 5 minutes. This isn’t a strict rule, but it does make it easier for visitors to watch whenever and where ever they are without taking up too much of their time.

2. Make sure you have adequate lighting for your video too!

A few EBSQ artists who have taken advantage of the “video” post include: Melia Newman (Blog), Robert Kimball (Blog), Mark Satchwill (Blog) and Noelle Hunt (Blog).

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