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EBSQ Friday Five

Puddle by Kimberly Vanlandingham

1. Have a look at this delightful painting from Kimberly Vanlandingham. April Showers bring May Flowers….as well as Puddles for splashing!

2. If you only click on one link in this blog post, make it this one: 5 Simple Ways to Talk about your Art.

3. Download Free Andrew Loomis books on illustration and drawing. These are classic gems!

4. This week it was announced that a dozen previously unknown digital artworks by Andy Warhol were discovered on floppy discs dating from 1985. What a discovery!

5. We are in the final days of the April Art Exhibits at EBSQ. Have you entered? I’m putting the final touches on my piece for Medieval-Inspired Mosaics. The Bluebells exhibit could use a few more entries too!




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EBSQ Friday Five

Little Chick by Delilah Smith

1. Delilah Smith’s painting, Little Chick, reminds me of my mother’s childhood stories of receiving a chick for Easter each year. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, chicks and lambs always remind me of this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least!).

2. James Gurney shares his homemade light diffuser for plein-air painting. If you’re looking to make your own take a look at his blog post.

3. Chasing the Hotness via The ArtOrder is an excellent article on the tendency to join every free portfolio site the web has to offer and why it’s more important to focus your efforts on just one. There’s also a great follow up article on the obsession with Likes and going viral, both of which don’t necessarily equate to success or selling your art.

4. 6 Tips for Creating and Running a Successful Artist Newsletter via

5. Submitting and sizing your art for childrens picture books–another great video from Will Terry.


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EBSQ Friday Five

Lilac Delight by Millie Gift Smith

1. This week’s featured Friday Five artist is Millie Gift Smith! Her painting Lilac Delight is breathtaking.

2. Maureen Franks free Mandala of the Month is titled Change. “What does it mean to change and why do we often fear it?”

3. The April EBSQ Exhibits are now open for submissions: Medieval-Inspired Mosaics and Bluebells. Are you planning a piece for one these shows?

4. Illustrator Kelley McMorris has her own link salad this week – Helpful Advice for Illustrators. Check it out!

5. What’s the difference between instructors and mentors? via The

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EBSQ Friday Five

Black Persian Cat by Cyra C Cancel

1. This week’s featured Friday Five artist is Cyra C Cancel and her Black Persian Cat. :)

2. While we’re on the subject of black, you should read Greg Manchess’ blog post – 10 Things. . . Using Black.

3. Are you subscribed to the EBSQ Newsletter? An important issue went out to subscribers yesterday.

4 Wow! – ‘Flea market’ Renoir returns to the Baltimore Museum of Art six decades after its theft.

5. Another video this week: How Should I Protect My Artwork From Theft? (the Amanda he mentions is not me!)

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EBSQ Friday Five

Violet Flower by Luiza Vizoli

1. I’ve had flowers on the brain lately, it’s that time of year when the wild violets are beginning to bloom. Naturally Luiza Vizoli’s bold violet caught my eye.

2. The TwitterArtExhibit opened last night in Orlando, Florida. From what I can tell it was a great success! I know of at least a few EBSQ artists who participated, including myself. Did you? The exhibit runs till April 11, 2014. Proceeds from art sales go to benefit The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes.

3. Ever thought of building your own painting box? Howard Lyon shares the plans, the materials and more.

4. This Is What Happens When a Graphic Designer Turns GIFs Into Art – These are amazing, but if you’re susceptible to motion sickness don’t click on that link!

5. What do Artists do all day? – This is a fascinating series of videos I wish I could say I found, but I didn’t.  You can see the original post from ImagineFX on Facebook. The video below is part 1 of 2 on printmaker Norman Ackroyd.

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EBSQ Friday Five

Butterfly #3 by Ulrike Martin

1. Ulrike Martin’s butterfly caught my eye this morning. I can’t wait to see butterflies again. Spring? Are you here yet?

2. Artist Kathleen McMahon has compiled a list of Known Scammer Names used in Art-Related Email Scams. She also offer some information on what a scam email looks like and how to protect yourself.

3. How I Became a Facebook Meme is another great blog post from Kelley McMorris, with a lesson on watermarks.

4. How much money can you make illustrating children’s book? Ever wondered? Will Terry shares his experience.

5. The clock is ticking. Have you voted in this month’s EBSQ Exhibits?

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EBSQ Friday Five

Mermaid and River Dragon by Nico Niemi

1. Have a look at the treasure I found on EBSQ’s front page this morning, Mermaid and River Dragon by Nico Niemi is magical.

2. Registration is now open for Doodle Swap #17 but now for long! Register by March 3rd to be a part of this fun event.

3. The first of three FREE Strathmore Workshops begins on March 10th. Don’t miss out!

4. Good Art Is Popular Because It’s Good. Right? – An interesting piece from NPR, read it or listen.

5. **If you only click on one link, make it this one!!** Loving Vincent is a Kickstarter campaign to bring an extraordinary, unique animated film to life. This could be the world’s first feature-length animated film, brought you by the Oscar winning studio, BreakThru Films. Watch the video and contribute!

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EBSQ Friday Five

Rainy Day by Abril Andrade Griffith

1. I woke to thunder and heavy rain this morning, Abril Andrade Griffith’s Rainy Day was particularly appropriate as well as being a darling painting.

2. 10 Things… Finding Your Voice – Artists like writers have a voice too, their own unique style. Finding that voice is one key to success and fulfillment in your art.

3. PACT went live yesterday. What is PACT? Professional Artist Client Toolkit – From their website: PACT is a tool to help freelance Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comic Book and other illustrators negotiate a better living for themselves. I’ve joined, but even if you can’t, there are some great freebies to be had, including sample contracts you can download and articles from leading artists and art directors.

4. Italian cleaning woman throws away modern art she believed to be biscuit crumbs!

5. Mona Lisa Unleashed — Where are the entries? Come on folks!

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EBSQ Friday Five

Catch A Falling Star by Sherry Key

1. Catch a Falling Star artist Sherry Key has a message for you all today: “Here’s wishing you all a lot of love and happiness today…Happy Valentine’s.”

2. We are mid-month now. Have you entered one or both of our EBSQ Exhibits? Mona Lisa Unleashed and Flower of the Month: Houseplants are taking entries till February 28th.

3. Do you believe in Artist’s Block? I tend not to, and instead believe blocks are just small obstacles in our creative process we must overcome. I shared how I deal with those obstacles in a blog post at Tessera – Understanding the Beast.

4. I know many of you are sick of the snow in the US, but don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity for reference shots! Donato Giancolo shared some wonderful reference photos I took for upcoming paintings over at Muddy Colors.

5. In the News: Art to Die For: Artist Paints Portraits with Human Remains - I love this quote from the artist: “Having ashes in an urn on a mantle somewhere is a good way to constantly remind yourself that person died, but when you use them in an artwork it’s a good way to remember someone lived.” 

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EBSQ Friday Five

Dragonfly to Earth by Vermont Mosaics

1. Dragonfly to Earth by Vermont Mosaics had me daydreaming of summer this  morning. Come on Spring!!

2. 10 Things…Evaluate your Painting – Is what your painting fitting with the vision in your mind? Does it work? Greg Manchess shares some questions to ask yourself about your painting.

3. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the January EBSQ Exhibits. While you’re there, take a look at the new February exhibits too.

4. The real people behind Clooney’s ‘Monuments Men.’ Have you seen the movie yet? Let us know your thoughts!

5. Top 100 Painting Tips – Everything from what to do if the cap on your paint of tube breaks to converting your step-ladder into an easel.

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